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Fab Flash Rampage Nabs Gisele Bndchen

Gisele was said to be replacing model Petra Nemcova, who was the face of Rampage for the last two and a half years. Rampage has upped ante by nabbing one of the hottest top for his campaign: Gisele. Gisele was also said to be very useful for the whole process.. For its campaign of the spring 09, Gisele was photographed in Beverly Hills wearing a series of Rampage fashion deals like this all together in white.
3.2.09 13:57

Virgins Quot Bassist Says He Quot D Quot Shag Amy Winehouse Quot And Marry Duffy

After admitting that he not know that Adele was - so had to push off a cliff - Zarina-Ackerman has shown that he is particularly fond of bedding Winehouse. I d shag Amy Winehouse.It think that spunky and would be an interesting night, but I do not think I could marry her. I don t like drama, he said..
3.2.09 13:57

Video Robert Pattinson And Jonas Brothers Quot Valentine Quot Day Shout Outs

Robert Pattinson movie heartthrob and popular band Jonas Brother are among the stars who share their Valentine Day seventeen shout-out. And while the actor devotes his happy Valentine Day wish your dog, Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas and devote their will to all..
3.2.09 13:56

It May Be Sports Quot Most Demanding Job But Being A Nascar Crew Chief Is The Only Life For Chad Kna

Seconds on the track.. Only one hour more. Trust in me, says his driver. It could mean a 10. Only one minute more. The way it always been for Chad Knaus, then-14-year-old crew chief who would go on to become an empire-builder NASCAR.
3.2.09 13:56

Gossip Girl Quot Leighton Meester And Her Family Link To The Air Force Academy Scandal

My twin daughters are enrolled seventeen magazine - that re just fifteen years, which goes to show how advanced they are - and last night, Lora, the elderly couple (fourteen minutes), curled with the delivery only March issue, which sports a cover photo of the Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester (see photo).
3.2.09 13:56

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